The Race Of Truth, Contre-la-Montre, the Test… whatever you want to call it there is no doubting that riding a time trial is one of the hardest disciplines of cycle sport. As Fabian says, to ride well you have to be ready for the pain.

Many people think that the tactics are easy, just ride your bike as fast as you can for the distance of the race. But it’s much more complex than that. You must think about your training, your position, your diet in preparation and during the event, your warm up, the course and finally, pacing. Great time trialists think about these things all the time.

In Full Gas, Fabian Cancellara lets you into his world and tells you how you can ride faster. Hear how important his diet is, how long he spends riding his time trial bike, how much he likes to taper for an event and how he always pushes himself to go that 1km faster.

Spending time with Fabian and Team Saxo Bank at a Pro Tour race, we see first hand how seriously the top riders prepare for events. Warm up is essential; Jens Voigt learnt his routine from none other than former time trial superman, Chris Boardman. Pacing is crucial – even in short time trials Fabian is conscious of the race’s length. But above all, it is his mindset which makes the biggest difference to Fabian’s results.